North to South Rim Hike Through The Grand Canyon

The world is so vast and yet so small. One of the many paradoxes of this multiverse that can make your head spin. When you spend time in a place like the Grand Canyon you definitely get a sense of the vastness of this planet and the amazing amount of time it has taken to form such perfect beauty.

View from the north rim


Human life is so short in comparison to the life of this canyon, and yet it is interesting to see how much this place has been touched and changed by human activity.


2013 Grand Canyon Parallel-1

There are so many people coming to see this wonder of the world and even when you hike for miles and miles you are still almost always surrounded by other people. Sometimes when out on a popular hike it’s fun to imagine what it must have felt like to be there at a time when people were not coming in by the busload. To have the whole place to yourself when there were no permits and rules or tourists on mules or rim to rim joggers and marathoners. What a different experience that must have been.

Blossoms everywhere

In contrast, it is amazing that modern technology allows so many people to travel and experience the wonders of nature such as this. The restrictions placed on visitors and the rules that are enforced are a necessary yet sometimes frustrating reality. As our global population continues to skyrocket, what will backcountry camping and wilderness be like in another twenty or fifty years? Will there be any true wild places?

Dusk in the canyon

It is amazing to see an increase in the number of people out enjoying the planet’s wild and natural places. It seems to show that there is a collective yearning to get away, reconnect and rebuild our relationship with nature. Everyone needs to spend time immersed in nature. Hopefully all the people who visit the Grand Canyon will take that magical feeling of awe and wonder and channel it into a sense of duty and responsibility to protect and care for the wondrous places such as these. They are more than just places to conquer and scratch off of a speed hiking list. We saw so many marathon thru-hikers and joggers rushing past us during this hike that we wonder did they even really check out the views or all the blooming wildflowers? In our opinion, these places need to be experienced slowly and quietly, with time taken to really look, listen and ponder. What can they teach us?

Cactus blossom 2


2013 Grand Canyon Parallel-2

In a world where at every turn you are treated like a potential sale, vote or number in a marketing statistic chart, what is really true? What can you trust? For me truth and trust can really be found through mother nature. She never tries to sell you anything, or lie to you or sway your opinion. She is just bare truth in all its glory allowing you to be as you are. The Grand Canyon with its millions of years of geological processes carved away for the naked eye to see is a perfect example of this. 


View from Phantom Ranch


When pondering such wonders as the Grand Canyon and how we as tiny little human beings fit into it all, maybe it is possible to grasp the bigger picture. Maybe we all just need to stop talking, moving and thinking, and just be somewhere in nature in silence for a bit and then some clarity and answers will come. Not in the form of words, but in the form of a deep and prehistoric understanding. A sense of calm remembering of that which has been lost in the hustle and bustle and sales pitches. The first step is to just get out there…and then slow down and be quiet for a freaking minute!


Sunrise over Bright Angel creek

We reached the top

After years of talking about this trip, and planning dates, and attempting to score a permit, and coordinating with our group, we finally got to do this dream trip with some of our amazing hike loving family no less. It was everything we hoped it would be. The best part was that we were able to go slow and take our time, with layovers at different camps where we could relax and soak in the hushed rhythm of this special place. We made sure to make time to seek out hidden waterfalls and swimming holes and soak in the sun on the beaches of the mighty Colorado river. We really enjoyed slowing down our pace on this trip and spending time to be immersed in the history and rugged, raw beauty of this place. It also helped our legs and feet to recover a bit before the completely up-hill hike out. Seeing the canyon at all its different elevations and understanding the power of the Colorado river up close and personal was incredible! Here are a bunch more photos we took on our flickr page.

4 thoughts on “North to South Rim Hike Through The Grand Canyon

  1. Just read your beautiful post about the need for nature in all humanity and how inspiring and honest it can be in a hectic world of the commonplace, uninspired and less than honest. I also relived our incredible hike and sharing together now almost two years ago. It helped ground me and made me realize once again how very special you are with a very rare insight into what really matters.


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