Clouds Rest and Cathedral Lakes. Yosemite Perfection.

It is that time of year to start planning the big backpacking and camping trips of the summer. We are going all out this year and plan to hike the entire John Muir Trail. Yipee! More on that later…

In the meantime here is some inspiration from another wonderful trip taken last summer. We backpacked to Sunrise lakes and Cathedral lakes with a detour hike to Clouds Rest. This trip was pretty much Yosemite perfection.

Clouds Rest trail

Our camp view at Sunrise Lake

Layers of Granite

Clouds Rest has now become one of my favorite hikes in all of Yosemite. It should be added at the top of anyone’s Yosemite bucket list for sure. The unmatched 360 degree view you get from sitting on top of Clouds Rest is truly exceptional and downright mind-blowing. You can look down on Half Dome, the valley and all the other surrounding peaks and domes and you feel on top of the world.

Standing on a mountain you just hiked up, taking in the view, breathing in the air, soaking in the sun, and receiving the strength and energy of the earth, now that’s what I call living! 

View of Half Dome from Clouds Rest

North Dome view

Clouds Rest trail view

For the second part of our trip we made our way over to Cathedral lakes and camped out under the awe-inspiring backdrop of Cathedral Peak. The peak towers over the two lakes like a majestic temple and it feels like a sacred place indeed.

Cathedral Peak and lower lake

Lower Cathedral Lake

Cathedral reflections

The beach on Cathedral Lake

Cathedral peak and the tree companion

On our last night we climbed up the granite divide between upper and lower Cathedral lakes and had the entire overlook to ourselves. What a gift! As the sun dipped under the horizon the sky lit up into a fiery and stunning sunset. A pair of bats came out and did a dance across the sky to greet the night and the moon rose between the trees. Moments like this are the reason we do what we do. My rejuvenated heart overflows with gratitude for this amazing experience!

Cathedral peak at dusk

Sun setting over Cathedral lake #flickr12days

Heavenly sky

Moonrise and trees

Twilight in Yosemite

Fading fire

Sunset on fire over Cathedral lake

The perfect sunset

Here are the rest of the photos taken on this trip.

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